As the owner of a software startup, your goal is to hire staff, manage your company, and appease investors and customers as you work towards expanding your company. The overall goal is to increase the value of your company towards the end of the game, where your startup is bought out by a larger company (subject to change - other endings may be added).

The game begins in a small garage with space for about 4 employees - as the game progresses, you’re able to upgrade your space to increasingly large offices. Throughout the game, your task is to receive/select new projects from customers, manage your employees into teams to work on said projects, and manage interactions with investors, mentors and your staff. The quality of the product delivered depends on the skill/performance of your team working on it (which can be affected by a variety of factors), and your pay is dependant on the quality of the product delivered to the customer. The money earned by your company can then be spent on various upgrades and hiring new staff members.

As you hire new staff, build teams, interact with investors, customers, and staff, you should always keep encouraging diversity and reducing discrimination on your mind. Your hiring decisions, assignment of employees into teams and the general culture of your company will affect your performance on projects, employee and investor satisfaction, and may even cause employees to leave if they don’t feel welcomed or included.

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